With 21 years technological experience of the team and guarantee of dozens of NetEase's service lines, Yidun holds magnanimous feature database and mature risk control security system, forms one-stop security solution in pan-entertainment, social contact, media, finance, game, e-commerce, etc.

Anti-Cheat Service

With 20 years experience in game security, we can defense games from cracked and cheated.

Content Moderation Service

Machine-assisted content moderation APIs and human review for text, images, videos and audios.

  • Text Moderation

    Intelligent strategy customization based on massive sample data, efficient filtering of pornography, advertising, violence, terrorism, illegal and other kinds of junk text.

  • Image Moderation

    Leading image recognition algorithm with massive big data samples from NetEase, accurate filtering of pornographic, promotion, violence, terrorism, other personalized definition of the violation of the picture.

  • Video Moderation

    Processing illegal shots in second response, supporting live stream and on-demand video check, ensuring video content security with Yidun Intelligent TV Wall.

  • Audio Moderation

    Leading voice recognition technology, combined with anti-spam text filtering rule system, accurate and efficient analysis and identification of illegal live broadcast, audio on demand.

  • Human Review

    A professional content audit team which provides 7x24 hours of human audit and perfect audit process after intelligent system check , fully guaranteeing the content security.

Captcha Service

Using an advanced risk analysis techniques to protect your websites from automated software attacks.

  • Smart Captcha

    Easy for human, bad for robot, risky ursers need verification while valid users pass through with ease.

  • Slide Captcha

    Drag the slider to complete to puzzle, game-based verification, safe and fun experience.

  • Icon Click Captcha

    Click the icon on picture in turn, mouse track and equipment imfromation are used to stop bots.

Why Yidun

21 Years Experience

Sharing cutting-edge technology, mature and perfect detection strategy to protect game players.

Rapid Response

Dynamic capacity expansion thanks to netease cloud computing resources, millisecond response.


Integration of high strength reinforcement, effectively against a variety of decompiler reverse tools.

Overseas Solution

Offering strategies in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Thai and other overseas language.

7x24 Expert Support

More than 100 top security experts, 1 to 1 dedicated service, 7x24 creative service available.


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